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Will the Government Set Household Efficiency Targets?

If the government introduced policies to increase investment in programmes to boost the energy efficiency of homes, such as insulation, households would save up to £270 a year on average, according to a recent report.

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The authors of the report, who are experts from the Centre on Innovation and Energy Demand and the UK Energy Research Centre, believe the government needs to set long-term efficiency targets that are consolidated by regulations and public investment.

Current incentives

Between 2004 and 2015, incentives to provide households with energy efficiency measures – such as efficient light bulbs, better insulation, and windows form Double Glazing in Gloucester companies – have cut the cost by one-fifth, with the average dual fuel bill reducing by £490.

Research from the Association for the Conservation of Energy has found that these programmes are being reduced, however, with a 75 per cent fall in the number … Read More


What Are the Benefits of Organizing the Rally Before the Election?

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A rally is one of the most fundamental processes for a political party when they are standing for an election. This is a meeting and a campaigning form of publicity gaining strategy. The political parties may not need to be standing for the presidential post to have a robust rally. The same form of enthusiasm can be applied for any of the governmental posts as well. The rally organizing is essential and integral for the party before any elections, and the reason is that the rallies have a vast array of benefits that it can avail to the political party, their publicity as well as the public awareness of their agenda.

Most political parties even hire political consultants in India to carry out the political rallies for them. As a result, the parties will not have to look into all the small aspects of the rally, and it will … Read More